What Xbox Live Microsoft Points Are and Why Should You Get Them

a retailer card of xbox live microsoft points and letter

What are they?

So what exactly are Xbox Live Microsoft points? To put it simple, they are the official currency that players in the Xbox Live cyber “universe” use. These points are sometimes simply referred to as Xbox points. What makes them so special is the fact that this cyber “currency” Microsoft provides, is available to players in ANY country and a credit card isn’t even necessary to use purchase them.

Where can I buy them?

In order to get your “hands” on some Xbox Live Microsoft points, you’ll need to purchase them via the Marketplace online with your console. If you find it easier to make a purchase on your desktop or laptop, you may also use Xbox.com to make the purchase. If you don’t have a credit, debit, or prepaid card, you also have the option to pay for the points at the thousands of participating retailers that sell points gift cards.

Another way to get a hold of these points would be through the purchase of the Xbox Live Gold package. Unfortunately, the only way to purchase one of these packages would be online. At the time of this writing, we found there to be no actual store retailers that offered in-store purchase option of the gold package. One last option for acquiring points would require you to participate in future Microsoft promotions in which it’s possible to win points free of any charge.

Once you’ve purchased the Xbox Live Microsoft points, they are stored into a designated account that you own and you may use them to make “mini-purchases” on the Xbox Live Marketplace. These may include video game add-ons like weapons, maps, skins, and other special items that other players who haven’t purchased points won’t have access to. In addition to game related content, you can also buy TV shows and videos that you can view through your console.

The Advantages of Points

In the classic Xbox Live environment(before there were any points), you had to make a minimum purchase of US$5.00 in order to acquire special game add-ons. With the advent of the points system, this is no longer the case. You could now make any purchase market-wide, regardless of how small the value of the add-on is i.e. if it’s below US$5.00, you may still purchase that item as a single transaction.

One Last Gem that Xbox Live Microsoft Points Offer…

In addition to all the fun game add-on goodies and digital media(TV shows and movies), you may also buy complete, custom made games that were developed by your very own fellow Xbox Live community members.

You’ll have the ability to download a demo version of these independently produced titles and if you like one, you can then make the purchase with your points and download the full version. In the past, there have been great hits that come out of this community based gaming development hub. You won’t want to miss out on any of those rare gems.

We highly recommend you get your hands on Xbox Live Microsoft points! They’re sure worth the money!

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