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Punch George Zimmerman Game Parody

Punch the living daylights out of George Zimmerman’s cartoon! This is a satirical parody game depicting what some commenters have…

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Playstation Vita Specs – Changing the Gaming Industry

With the Playstation Vita, Sony not only promises to change the world of handheld gaming, they also plan to change…

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Deus Ex Human Revolution Gameplay – The Four Pillars

In the new Deus Ex Human Revolution, gameplay isn’t limited to passing each mission using the same exact method each…

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Peep Game: Diablo III Trailer [HD]

With Diablo III about to be released in just two weeks, many newcomers that are not familiar and have never…

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Diablo III System Requirements – Knock, Knock…Who’s There? 3D Graphics

What’s New Diablo III system requirements have been released through its beta launch. It is worth noting that Diablo III…

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the breakdown of xbox live points cost

A Breakdown of the Xbox Live Points Cost

A Little Background Xbox Live points are digital coins that are used worldwide by the Xbox Live community to make…

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a retailer card of xbox live microsoft points and letter

What Xbox Live Microsoft Points Are and Why Should You Get Them

What are they? So what exactly are Xbox Live Microsoft points? To put it simple, they are the official currency…

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Site Launch!

Site Launch

April 25th, 2012…Today a star was born. A star in the video game blogging community. “This isn’t your ordinary gaming…

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